"MacGyver" Ceiling Mount

Not long ago we came across an old projector at work and decided it would be pretty cool to setup a makeshift conference/presentation center. It also works for the occasional lunch-time entertainment too. So, what do you do when you need a projector mounted quickly without a lot of money? Just take a look around and think WWMD (What Would MacGyver Do)?

"MacGyver" Ceiling Mount

Not long ago we were cleaning up our shop area at work and came across an old Epson LCD projector that was actually still functional. Figuring it probably wouldn't be used for anything if we just stowed it away on the shelf again, we decided to setup a little presentation center.

Now if you've ever been in the market for a projector ceiling mount, you know they can get pretty expensive and most are made for specific models of projectors. We just needed something to keep it above everyone's head and still be somewhat adjustable. After a quick survey of the shop area, I managed to scavenge up a small piece of 1/4" ply-board, some kind of 3/4" pine board, and some nylon string that we used as pull string when using conduit.

First I used a recip-saw and cut the long 3/4" pine board into two equally short sections and drilled holes into the ends about and inch from the edge. The holes only needed to be slightly larger than the nylon pull string. While the drill was out, I drilled the same size holes in each corner of the 1/4" plyboard.

Next, I cut four equal length pieces of string roughly 36 inches long. I ran the strings up through the the four holes in the pine board and tied a secure knot so the string cannot be pulled back through.

After the stings were tied, I screwed the board onto the ceiling. Luckily there was a large wooden rafter screw to, otherwise we would have needed to use some large drywall anchors.

Now it was time to attach the plyboard. I just took the dangling strings, stuck them down through the four holes in the plyboard and tied the two strings of the left and right side together with a secure knot. This will allow the plyboard shelf to be placed at an upward or downward angle.

Once the shelf was suspended it's sturdy enough to hold the small projector. The mount does allow for most types of adjustment too. You can angle the shelf up or down and there was plenty of room to shift the projector from side to side slightly or rotate the projector to hit the screen.

Even though it may not look like much, the mount is quite functional and we've been using it a lot lately. If you are looking to save a little cash on mounting a projector, this suspended shelf design could be made to look a little more appealing. In the future we may decide to paint it or even round the edges off. But hey, it works and it only took a few minutes to build from junk.


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